We offer one-visit CEREC crowns that are milled and fired in our office with the latest in CAD-CAM technology. 


Dr. Watlington is a certified INVISALIGN dentist. 

link: Invisalign

KOR whitening

link: Kor

Extractions & Emergency Services

We are able to perform extractions of teeth if necessary-even some wisdom teeth-in the convenience of our office. 

root canals

Root Canals that don't need to be treated by a specialist



We place aesthetically pleasing white composite restorations that closely mimic natural tooth structure.

Implant supported crowns & dentures

Implants are often the best treatment option for tooth loss. We work closely with a periodontist (or oral surgeon) and lab to provide crowns, bridges, partials and dentures that are stabalized by a dental implant

Dentures & Partial dentures

We are able to offer removable dentures and partial dentures to replace missing teeth

implant supported crowns, Partials & Dentures

These are often the best option for replacing missing teeth. We are able to work with specialists and labs to make crowns, partials and dentures that are stabilized with implants.